Jacaré gives support and offers its services to members in the entering phase, in holding positions or in expanding its export market.  The Chamber of Commerce is engaged to the follow up and the maintenance of the relations. The tariffs will always be realistic and comparable to the local nett wage costs.

The nett wages will be compared to average wages per sector as published by Eurostat.


1. Market Intelligence


Spreading of information and providing of economic and commercial factual data that are of real concern to the members.

  • requested and specific regional and sectional structures of the market

  • specific and searched information on results of market research per sector or subsector, per product group or per specific product

  • analysis of the structure of the wholesale/retail channels and the different intermediates : agents, distributors, brokers and other forms of middlemen, including “factoring” and “leasing”

  • collecting or subcontracting drafting and communication of the “marketing intelligence reports”, brief reports of the evolution and the perspectives of market segments

  • attending and organisation of seminars, conferences and colloquia on different aspects of the approach to an exportmarket

  • members relevant statistical and conjunctural data


2. Export, Import and Investment

2.1. Presale and Sale Support


  • collecting and transmitting business proposals (offers and demands) relevant to the members

  • organisation of meetings with businessmen and businessluncheons relevant to the members

  • organisation of hearings, prospection-meetings and other meetings relevant to the members

  • organisation of fact finding, specific and thematic selling, buying and investment missions

  • searching partners in sales, marketing, distribution relevant to the members

  • co-operation in the function and particularities of the members business : distributors, importers, buying and selling joint ventures,  trade-representatives, licences, patents, franchising, transferring of technology and know- how, etc.

  • supplying of local logistical support to facilitate entry into the market

  • disposal on demand of officespace, telephone, fax, secretarial staff, mailing, translating and interpreter’s services, restyling and rephrasing messages, adapted to the local commercial communication.


2.2. Marketing Support


  • macro-economical context analysis (political, legal, technological and socio-economical situation)

  • mapping of the competitive environment

  • assessment of export capabilities

  • identification of commercial strategic options

  • selection of export strategy

  • development of commercial strategy

  • development of commercial plan

  • marketing and communication coaching and support

2.3. Logistics Support

2.4. Legal Support


  • orientation and counsel on commercial legal matters, agency fees, representations, sales-licensing

  •  regulations and usages, general sales conditions, both standard and specific contracts, price regulation, credit-conditions and rates of currency-exchange

  • information on obtaining credits and on the conciliatory settlements of business litigations

  • information on labour legislation, social security, and standard contracts for employees


2.5. Tax Support


  • basic customs law, customs formalities, taxes and excise-duties

  • implications, reglementations and possibilities to retrieve VAT


2.6. Implantation own Subsidiary abroad


  • supply information on how to establish own company abroad and specify legislation in this matter

  • give information and advice on foreign investments and mediate in contacting the institutions and organisations concerned

  • drawing attention on some fiscal business settlement, aspects concerning the local fiscality, and furthermore on the treaties existing to avoid double taxes

  • inform the enterprises on the legal aspects of interim work, temporary staff and delegations of personnel abroad (expatriates)


2.7. Special Services


  • payroll administration, ensuring bookkeeping and accounting of salaries of the overseas  companies, using directly or indirectly employees, including expatriates

  • lobbying with government bodies and institutions

  • domiciliation, a procedure whereby the Chamber puts its adress, telephone numbers and fax at the disposal of the members

  • recovering of VAT (Value Added Tax)



3. Events, Publications and Communication


The Chamber is aware that it has to provide a dynamic and continuous presence (relation marketing).

In this context it will provide

  • organisation of seminars, colloquia, trade missions, etc., where all the aspects of the different stadia of international market-penetration are treated

  • aid and promotion of professional tradefairs and congresses which includes the official representation and the organisation of delegations of exhibitors and visitors

  • offer a platform to Ukraine authorities in the Benelux and Benelux personalities in Ukraine

  • support to Ukraine bound cultural and other social events int he Benelux countries and to Benelux bound cultural and other social events in Ukraine

  • organisation of formation and training sessions for junior staff members and students, preparing for a professional career abroad

  • free of charge, monthly, direct distribution of news releases in the form of e-mail flash letters and/or a blog to a large public, covering at least the activities and trade inquiries of the Chamber of Commerce and the publishing the major new economical events and structural changes, trade fairs and conferences, testimonials, results of polls and inquiries, references to intresting websites and reading material, etc.

  • designing and updating of the website

  • establishing and maintaining optimal contacts with the press

  • establishing and maintaining direct contact with the regional and local professional organisations and sectorial federations; government bodies, institutions and organisations that promote the Benelux-EU and Ukrainian trade abroad and investment

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